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Linoleum Block Printing - An Overview

Is it the same as Lino printing?

What is linoleum block printing? It's easy to see why there's some confusion around this topic because there are many terms for block printing, including lino printing, linocuts, printmaking...etc!

Linoleum printing can be referred to as linoprinting, linocuts, block printing or even just printmaking. The image is made by carving out parts of a linoleum sheet and applying ink to the surface. This technique has been used for thousands of years and has its roots in Japan with Japanese wood block printmakers - you might be familiar with Hokusai's famous 'The Great Wave off Kanagawa ', a woodblock print made in 1831.

What is linoleum block printing?

Linoleum block printing is a printmaking technique that uses carved blocks of linoleum to create prints.

The process can take many hours, days, or weeks depending on how complicated or intricate the design you plan to reproduce.

There are many variations and styles within this printmaking technique, so each cut is unique and every artist has their own style.

In linoleum block printing, a cutting tool is used to carve an image from a solid piece of material, often a sheet of linoleum or wood.

Block prints can be made on wood and linoleum blocks, but some use blocks made of rubber, acrylic, foam and other materials.

Linoleum block printing ideas

Linoleum prints are created using different shapes, white space, and lines to make an imprint on paper.

A linoleum block needs the edge of the material, lined drawings, and corners to work together to give you a perfect imprint, some of which need to stay whiter than others for the illustration to come out correctly.

Vancouver Illustration has inspirations from the natural world, like whales, owls and other animals and plant life.

Playing with abstract combinations such as bird shapes and torches or more traditional bundles like a garden theme can be a great way to find fresh design concepts or take some new creative spins on good old-fashioned design briefs.

Linocut art can be done using a few basic tools and materials, making it an inexpensive and accessible creative outlet.

This blog post goes into all the detail about the tools you need to get started with linoleum block printing.

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